Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions
Can you screen print anything?
What's the difference between Custom
and Contract Screen Printing?

What brands do you carry?
Do you charge for custom printing? 

Artwork Questions
How do I pick a color?
What media types can I use?
What file types can I use?
How do I send my artwork to you?
Can I send you a hard copy?
Do I have to know/list all the colors in
the picture/logo I send? 

Ordering Questions
Is there a minimum or maximum amount
on orders you'll take?

Do you take individual orders?
What if I need a graphic, but don’t know what I want?
What is you turn-around time?
Can you complete an order if I need it
in fewer then 5 days?

I don’t have a shirt/product picked out. What do I do?
What if I want to use my own shirt/product?
What do I do if the color I need isn’t listed?  

Pricing Questions
How much is this going to cost me?
Why are there so many different price listings for the colors?
What do you charge for custom artwork?
Do you have any current specials?
How much do you charge for rush orders?
What methods of payment do you use?

Shipping Questions
How much does shipping cost?
Where do you ship to?
How soon will I receive my order? 

Returns Questions
What is your Returns Policy? 

Contact Us Questions
How do I contact you if I have other questions?

Other Questions
What is your Privacy Policy? 

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